_24_exposure (_24_exposure) wrote in alist,

am i a-list material?

Post 3 or more Pictures:
in order from oldest to most recent at the end.

center in these two

Location:bakersfield california
Why are you beautiful:im fun. different. i have confidence.
Best Feature:my eyes.
What is your dream:to be happily married, adnto not be a part of the divorce statistics.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend?:yes. i have a boyfriend i love. hes in the last picture!
Why should we accept you?:im a promotion whore. im active.
Does your school have an A-List?:yeah. but their all sluts.
Would you consider yourself on it?:no. i just transferred schools, i know everyone but no bestfriends with everyone yet.
How did you find about this community? Did someone promote you?:njinmyrearviewpromoted to me!
Promote this community somewhere:
tell us where:o_so_gorgeous(my rating community)_24_exposure(my journal)
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