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am i a-list material?





Name: mandy
Age: 16
Location: lakeland florida
Why are you beautiful: I believe I am a beautiful person inside and out, I  care about my appearence and I take care of myself and I keep my body healthy. I care about others and I try and help whenever I can.
Best Feature: my smile
Height: 5'5
What is your dream: as cliche as it may sound, but to just get married and have kids and to be happy
Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: boyfriend
Why should we accept you?: because I will promote and be an active member and because i think i am a-list material
Does your school have an A-List?: of course
Would you consider yourself on it?: yes, me and my friends are all very beautiful
How did you find about this community? Did someone promote you?: someone promoted in my livejournal

Promote this community somewhere:

tell us where: my best friends livejournal

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