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"am i a-list material?"

Name: Sari
Age: 13
Location: California
Why are you beautiful: i think everyone is beautiful if they just think postitive and really think about just not about the looks but the personality
Best Feature: lips
Height: 5' 1"
What is your dream: To be a professisonal hip hop dancer 
Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: No, single and loving it, but the guy i liked asked me out but i dont know whether to say yes because 1. we have already gone out 4 times and 2 i like being single
Why should we accept you?: Because i'm a good oerson that promotes and comments on other peoples entries saying yes or no
Does your school have an A-List?:um i dont think so
Would you consider yourself on it?: yes if there was one
How did you find about this community? Did someone promote you?: yes i got promoted by loveispitynow
Promote this community somewhere:
tell us where: My friends livejournal

the one in the yellow shirt

the one in the orange

stripped shirt


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